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Funny Videos To Watch When High

funny videos to watch when high

    funny videos
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what i watch with the back of my head while i draw.

what i watch with the back of my head while i draw.

when you're not in the mood (e.g. after working a 70-hour week on the second shift) it can be damn boring drawing by yourself at the witching hour. these have been good friends lately:

HAPPY TOGETHER--wong kar wai. "the making of" feature is one of the coolest things i've ever seen. captures what it's like to live abroad perfectly, in my humble opinion.

DOLLS--takeshi kitano. just got it. haven't watched it fully with the front of my head yet.

IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE--beautiful. two of the best acting performances ever. beautiful cinematography. wong kar wai. they were going to play it on the rooftop beer garden of some place here in wichita, but i was out of town.

THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS--saw it with my dad right after he helped drive the moving truck to CA with me. kicks ass.

LAST LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE--cinematography by christop[her doyle--wong kar wai's right hand man. need to watch it again. has asano tadanobu in it--probably my favorite modern japanese actor.

LOST IN TRANSLATION--i'm gonna stalk sofia coppola one of these days for making this...

SYMPATHY FOR MR. VENGEANCE--only saw the first half because i was drunk in MI. same director as oldboy, also part of a vengeance-theme trilogy.

BLADERUNNER--saw this first in my senior english class way back when. the class was called "anatomy of terror," and my teacher was a crazy goth-looking phd candidate. we had read mary shelly's frankenstein, and this came up. martha regalis was a cool teacher.

OLDBOY--korean vengeance movie. i like it a lot. my korean is shit so i can only pick up bits and pieces every now and then when i'm drawing, but most of it contains ssssshipbal... or kkkkessssekkki.

CHARLOTTE SOMETIMES--saw this one afternoon in San Francisco. fell in love with the damn movie and the music. check out cody chesnuTT's headphone masterpiece vol 1 and 2. great acting. probably the only asian american film i've ever watched. definitely has a california feel to it. michael idemoto and jacqueline kim are great.

DONNIE DARKO--for when i can't figure out where i am or what time zone i've gotten back from. i still laugh at patrick swayze's self help video and "sparkle motion" speaking of which--you should all go see little miss sunshine because it's funny as hell.

THE CONVERSATION--francis ford coppola. great 70's conspiracy shit. cool cinematography. gene hackman is badass.

YOJIMBO--akira kurosawa. the origin of the american films fistful of dollars (??) and last man standing. the late toshiro mifune is a great actor.

UGETSU--this seems a lot like the "black hair" ghost story in the film "kwaidan" (which also kicks ass). i think it's based on an old japanese story called ugetsu monogatari by ueda akinari. i'm gonna buy the japanese book and read it. it's a cool ghost story with a moral lesson in it. be happy with what you have.

BOUNCE KO GALS--this was supposed to be the japanese equivalent of the movie "kids". it's mostly about the ko gal (high school female student) fantasy that japanese men seem to have and the seedy side of teh sex industry in japan. it also touches on the student movements in the 1960's, politicians with hidden war crimes in their past, japanese arrogance regarding the same thing, japanese consumerism, etc. very japanese pop. but basically, i love it for one or two good lines because they serve as good reminders for me--i'm paraphrasing here--sure i could stay here with you guys and earn a lot of money, but it will never seem like enough. the day this airplane ticket expires decides how much is enough. >>i watch the damn film just to remember that from time to time.



If you've noticed that I've not been around much over the last several days, there is a reason (or at least an excuse). Thursday the man took one for the team and got himself fixed. It wasn't too bad at all for me, but he's been a bit grumpy about things.

Because I like to share, here are the highlights:

-I've discovered that we are very immature. We laughed through the entire video that we had to watch at the consultation.

-Then I giggled like a school girl when the doc asked to examine the balls. I could not help it. The awkwardness was too funny.

-I've recently learned that I officially have partial ownership of my husband's balls. Really. I had to sign the consent form before the procedure could be done.

-My husband does not know how to put on a paper gown. With the addition of the meds, it was quite comical. Unfortunately, he would not allow me to snap a photo:(

-We never really lose the small child impulse to blurt out whatever pops into our heads. We just learn to set up a mental checkpoint. This vanishes completely when you are drugged.

-I realized this when my husband leaned towards me in the crowded waiting room and announced that everyone in the office was either young or really old. "Clearly the young guys were only there for maybe one of two things". I slumped down in the chair and hid behind my C++ book.

-He chatted with the doctor about beer the entire time. He told me in the car that he still had more to say, but it was time to go.

-And on a more serious note, we are both relieved that this is done. We have had our babies. The family feels complete. It's time to move on to other things.

r.i.p. little dudes.

funny videos to watch when high

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